We successfully protect the interests of owners, developers, builders, contractors, design materials manufacturers and suppliers in a broad range of construction-related claims.  The firm’s construction attorneys represent clients in disputes arising from single-family dwellings to large commercial buildings and industrial facilities, including hospitals, office buildings, warehouses and planned unit developments.  Specific experience includes resolving claims in excess of $10M and class actions involving in excess of 550 single-family residences.  Trial and binding arbitration experience includes claims involving complex drainage systems, excavation and geotechnical issues, as well as prosecuting claims involving a defectively-engineered roofing system.  


Construction cases often involve many different areas of law.  The firm has considerable experience in related fields such as environmental, contract, and product liability law.  


Additionally, Sims, Lawrence & Arruti is unique because it has extensive experience in construction-related insurance matters, including the management and interpretation of Self-Insured Retentions, additional insured endorsements, “wrap-ups”/Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs), and commercial general liability policies.  Because of this experience, we frequently represent contractors assigned by carriers where special care is needed due to significant reservations of rights issues.



Sims, Lawrence & Arruti has successfully represented carrier and private clients in hundreds of matters involving Coverage and Coverage-related matters (i.e. indemnity, contract, and additional insured interaction).  Our lawyers’ years of experience allow for identification and evaluation of Coverage issues that most Coverage attorneys may not fully understand.


Our Coverage Litigation experience includes first and third-party exposures.  Our specialty is construction/contract-related indemnity and additional insured exposures.  In these types of cases, we have successfully reduced the exposure through litigation and negotiations.  


We have excellent working relationships with most carriers.  Our methods of rebuttal to carrier positions are borne more of education and cooperation than of an adversarial relationship.  We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly identify whether the client needs negotiation or litigation.  This ability to quickly identify the potential outcomes early in the process allows the client to make considered and informed decisions as to whether a cases should be mediated, arbitrated, or tried.    


Sims, Lawrence & Arruti has successfully represented clients in thousands of general liability cases involving allegations from minor personal injuries to catastrophic property damage cases.  Our lawyers’ many years of experience allow for the identification and evaluation of case values, exposures and potential outcomes early in the process.  This, in turn, allows the client to make considered and informed decisions as to whether cases should be negotiated directly or through mediation, arbitration, or trial.    


Sims, Lawrence & Arruti provides guidance, advice, regulatory assistance, and representation to a wide range of business entities including design professional, construction, nonprofit and other business entities.  Choosing the right entity to operate your business has significant implications for how the business and its owners are taxed and exposed to liability, as well as issues related to the day-to-day control and management of the enterprise, and how transfers, succession, and dissolution are handled. We work hand in hand with our clients and their accounting and financial advisors in evaluating the pros and cons of different entities in relation to their goals for their business.  Once the proper entity type is determined, we assist our clients in the formation of their new business entities by preparing and filing the appropriate documents with the Secretary of State, and preparing other necessary documents such as shareholder and partnership agreements, and LLC operating agreements.  Beyond formation of the entity and annual corporate maintenance, we thereafter assist clients in the negotiation, preparation, and review of all manner of contracts.  Finally, if and when necessary, we assist our clients in succession planning for their businesses, including the sale of their businesses and/or the windup and dissolution of their businesses.  

We are licensed to practice law in the state and federal courts of California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas,  and Washington.  In summary, Sims, Lawrence & Arruti offers its services in the following areas:

  • Construction and construction defect claims relating to residential, commercial and industrial construction.

  • Insurance coverage.

  • Personal injury defense from automobile, Premises Liability, human services, construction site accidents and habitability claims.

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